Responding based on the context

Here, we work with our team of committeed volunteers in order to be able to tackle and address emergencies in health, natural disasters and more.

Public Financial Management

Deepening civil society engagement in Budget Literacy and Accountability for Governance

Strengthening Spaces for Dialogues

Enabling spaces for critical civil society voices

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Our Core Programs

YPPD works primarily to enhance young people’s capacities so they can meaningfully contribute to building a just, equal and peaceful sociaty for all.

Governance, Rights & Accountability

Our work and interest in governance, rights and accountablity is a manifestation of our desires to contribute to a just and equitable society for all.

Education & Livelihoods

We believe that child, regardless of gender, gender and social status deserves the opportunity to experience the wonderful  joy that comes from having an opportunity of learning..

Health, Water and Sanitation

Our interest in particularly Health, Water Supply and Sanitation services is key

Youth, Peace and Security

The huge potential of youth for the success of the peace and security agenda is key to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Partners

At YPPD, whatever change or impacts we create in the communities, we do it collaboratively with our valued partners. Partnership and collaboratively solution-finding is a major driver to our work and sustained engagements either at the policy, grassroots or capacity building levels.