Registered with the National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, the Youth Partnership for Development (YPPD) is a youth-led non-governmental organization established in 2005. The organization was borne out of the desire of bringing young people onboard who can serve agitators and agents of change and activists in their respective communities for the promotion of advocacy and youth empowerment in nation building.

since inception, the organization has been an integral partner in Sierra Leone's development in especially enhancing the capacity of young people and their communities to promote the ideals of Peace, Human Rights and Good Governance, as well as the creation of open societies that promote Sustainable development. Since its establishment in Sierra Leone, the organization has been able to increase youth understanding to finding practical approaches to building wholesome functioning societies that promotes peace and mutual co-existence.


Our strategic program areas are:

·        Water and Sanitation

·        Health

·        Child Protection and Participation

      Access to Justice

      Governance and Accountability

·        Education and Livelihoods


YPPD holds a conviction on young people as creative partners in development; thereby strongly believing that as young people that there is the call to build the buoyancy needed in others, as a possible way of enabling youth in stepping forward for meaningful changes in their various communities and the world at large. At the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, we seek to provide a ‘youth-led solutions’ that to address the numerous challenges facing leaders of tomorrow by effectively using young resourceful minds to influence the course of inclusive policy formulation and development in a consistent and harmonized manner.


With our vision, we develop insight from the daily struggles of our fellow young people who are marginalized and voiceless in the communities they live. This initiative is entirely managed for and by youth, which we consider as a novelty in the lives of every young person trying to make a change.


Today, the organization is one of the fastest growing youth-led initiatives in Sierra Leone with stronger presence in the communities we work. Starting in Sierra Leone more than 10 years ago, we now have focal points in three other countries in Africa. Our team of dedicated change-makers uses their specialist expertise in youth development, domestic and gender-based violence, governance, education, conflict mitigation and Peacebuilding, sustainable livelihoods and water, sanitation and hygiene among others to contribute to solving some of the leading problems facing our societies today.