About us

The Youth Partnership for Peace and Development (YPPD) is a youth empowerment think tank that was established in August of 2005 to enhance the capacity of young people and their communities to promote Peace, Human Rights, Health, Governance, and Democracy, as well as the creation of open societies that promote sustainable development. Since its establishment in Sierra Leone, the organization has been able to increase citizen’s understanding to finding practical approaches to building wholesomely functioning societies that promotes peace and mutual co-existence while deepening voices and actions which demands equity and accountability for all. It maintains the view that young people can be agents of positive change and works for ways of enabling youth to step forward for social transformation.

Operating in 4 Districts

The current programs of the institution operates in four districts: Bombali, Moyamba, Bo and Pujehun respectively.

Launched the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 in Sierra Leone - March 2017

For the first time since the Resolution was adopted in December of 2015, YPPD through funding from the Civil Society Platform for Peace building and State building was able to launch UNSCR2250 at the national level.

Reached 500 youth with liveligood skills

As one of the post-conflict youth agencies, through partnership with UN-HABITAT we have been able to reach young people with diverse skills that will improve economic outcomes for them and their families

Founded and hosts the National CSO Network on Water and Sanitation since 2010

Partner of the institution's qualition building drive and desire to deepening advocacy in the WASH sector, WASH-Net was established in 2010 to provide that opportunity for wider state and non-state actors engagement.