Core Values

  • Our work is inspired by global principles and values including among others; youth development, achievement and championship, active participation, leadership, entrepreneurship, gender equality, social justice, sustainable livelihoods and respect for diversity and human rights and protection of our environments.
  • Reverence for peoples' initiatives and decisions irrespective of race, sex and class
  • Effective participation and active involvement of young people
  • Transparency and accountability to all
  • Protection and promotion of human rights as a foundation for human dignity
  • Protection and promotion of knowledge about the environment
  • Partnership and collaboration with initiatives and organizations working towards development

Our Goals

In Pursuit of our vision, our primary goal is to ensure young people realize their full potential in transforming and improving the quality of their lives, in partnership with other stakeholders.

Therefore our overwhelming primary goal focuses on our cooperative attention to promote youth participation and empowerment through policy advocacy, youth enterprise development and sustainable livelihoods of young and marginalized people especially in the area of capacity building within communities in Sierra Leone. YPPD also aims to educate, inform and inspire youth to take action on global issues that affect their lives including climate change; encourage youth participation in global issues; identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development; and provide young people with tools and resources for effective action.