A project of the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development.

As digital systems and technology keeps changing the face of the modern world and increase opportunities for global interconnectivity, many Sierra Lenean young people and even adults are still left behind to catch up with this rapidly evolving trend. This project therefore suggests and shows possible ways through which young people could be empowered and in the process fighting poverty.

This innovative project is budding from the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development in collaboration with the Ianfworld.com that is intended to contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D). this is in the bid to bring ICT literacy to as many young people as possible with basic and advanced training that will equip them with the modern day employability skills in computing.

This initiative came as a result of growing trend in information and technology in the world today. Sierra Leone coming out of a decade-long of brutal conflict which affected every fabrics of the society, information and technology which children and youth in Sierra Leone does not have access to. Therefore we developed this golden initiative as an opportunity to reach out to schools, colleges and universities to and to even out-of-school young people. This project is also aimed at establishing computer libraries in schools of higher learning and secondary education with open source learning being provided.